The importance of having well maintained and correctly installed guttering is now recognised by local councils who have established building standards to ensure all new homes are fitted with adequate guttering.

Guttering channels water away from your home and into storage or drainage to help prevent lots of problems including –

  • Excess water comprising the house’s foundations
  • Destabilization of soil around the house
  • Flooding in, around, and under the house
  • Erosion that disturbs lawns, gardens, and landscaping
  • Water damage to external surfaces like cladding
  • Damage to external doors, stairs, and verandahs
  • Cracking of driveways and pathways

Gutter installation

Having guttering installed correctly is paramount to having a well-functioning guttering system. It is important that the guttering is installed seamlessly and also that it is adequate for the size of the roof area. Gutters should be fastened securely to fascias and lead to downpipes which must be fastened securely to the home’s exterior.   Having your guttering installed professionally will lead to long-term peace of mind especially during storm season.

Maintaining the guttering

Gutters need to be kept clean and clear of leaves and other debris in order to allow water to flow freely. A clogged gutter can lead to water damming in the guttering causing damage to the eaves of your home. It can also lead to water leaks and subsequent damage to walls and flooring. Blocked gutters can deteriorate over time.

How often you clean your gutters will depend on your surroundings. If you have trees in close proximity to the roof you may need to clean your gutter more frequently. As a minimum, the gutter should be checked and cleared annually – before summer is a good idea.

If you are building a new home or renovating your existing home, Paragon Roof and Guttering have the industry expertise to install the best guttering solution for your home. We have over 20 years in the business and are happy to use our expertise to supply and install guttering for your home or commercial building. Give us a call for an obligation-free quote