Having a new roof and/or guttering installed is a big investment so it is important to understand the warranties in place. You also need to know you are getting excellent workmanship and quality roofing material.

Is workmanship covered?

Some roofing warranties cover material defects, that is manufacturing faults. In this case, the warranty will not cover any issues with the installation procedure. At Paragon Roof and Guttering we back our workmanship with a seven-year guarantee. We are highly experienced and take the utmost care with all installations but we carry this extended warranty for your peace of mind. We are willing to back our workmanship 100 per cent.

COLORBOND® roofing

Paragon Roof and Guttering have many years experience in the roofing trade. We know and trust COLORBOND® . It features steel paint technology that prevents fading and chipping and is corrosion resistant. This is our preferred roofing product because we know that it will keep your roof looking its best for the longest time.

Note any conditions on your warranty

Make sure your warranty covers any specific conditions that may be relevant to your home and environment. Discuss any worries you have with your installer. Don’t just assume that all eventualities are covered. COLORBOND® is designed to withstand the harsh Australian climate and is very durable.


Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC) Home Warranty

As a licensed contractor, it is a legal requirement that all works with a value over $3,300 are deemed insurable residential construction work and have a contract and QBCC Home Warranty policy. Make sure this is in place.

Ask questions

We like to go through details of warranties with our clients. It is important you ask questions and understand the language used in any warranty documents. Also, find out what is not covered.

If you have any queries about our warranties, please give us a call. We would be happy to discuss this with you.