Whether you are building a new home or having an old roof replaced, deciding on the colour for your new COLORBOND® roof is a big decision. Your roof is one of the largest elements of your home so it’s important to make the right choice.

There are few things to consider, like the profile and pitch of your roof and also the location and environs of your home.

Where the new roof has a prominent visual position, as in steep gabled roof, you need to be careful that the colour isn’t too strong causing the roof to dominate the visual aesthetics of your home. Neutral colours can work well in this situation – think Woodland Grey®, Surfmist®, Dune® or Ironstone®.

The location of your home is another important factor in your roof colour decision. Is your home near the sea, surrounded by bushland, or on a suburban block?  COLORBOND® roof steel comes in a wide range of designer colours. There really is something to match your home’s environment perfectly.

For homes with bushy surrounds muted tones work beautifully. COLORBOND® has a lovely range of muted greens – Wilderness®, Bushland®, Wilderness® and Pale Eucalypt®. Jasper®, a muted brown, would also suit a green landscape.

If you live near the beach, why not go for a coastal look to capture the seaside vibe? COLORBOND® roofing does a range of subdued blues, like Windspray® and Evening Haze®. They also have bolder blues such as Deep Ocean®. Sandbank® can give a seaside feel to your home too.

Whatever colour you choose, COLORBOND® roofing comes with a 30-year warranty for lasting peace of mind.

Paragon Roof and Guttering would love to show you the range of COLORBOND® roof colours and discuss options for your new roof.