Storm season is upon us bringing with it heavy rains, cyclonic winds, and our roof’s worst enemy – hail!

At this time of year trees topple, power lines come down and debris blows around damaging roofs. While metal roofs withstand most battering, other roofing materials like asphalt, fibreglass, wood shingles, clay or concrete tiles, plastic materials and slate usually weaken over time leaving the roof vulnerable. Cracking and splitting can allow water to enter during a storm and cause serious problems – not just to the roof but the building’s structure.

Be storm-prepared

It is important to secure loose items around the yard, trim trees and shrubs, and keep gutters clean. However, the best pre-storm precautions can’t guarantee your home will remain unscathed.

If you suspect you have a damaged roof following a storm there are a number of ways to spot signs of trouble. The key is early detection which can prevent more serious structural water damage occurring if a problem goes unchecked.

Do I need a new roof?

Whether or not you need a new roof will depend on the amount of damage to your existing roof. A new metal roof is a great safeguard against future bad weather events.

Here are some tips to help detect a damaged roof –

  • If a tree or large branch has fallen on the roof, structural damage will probably be an issue. It’s a good idea to stay out of the home until the extent of damages can be assessed. While a new roof is a big investment it can save you thousands of dollars and lots of heartache over time – protecting the structural integrity of your house is paramount.
  • From inside the house, inspect upper walls and ceilings for any signs of water leakages which may indicate a damaged roof. Early detection is vital to prevent serious damage over time.
  • Outside, look for any pieces missing from the fascia and guttering. Also, check for signs of branches or debris on the roof or in gutters. If you’re concerned, it’s best to call a professional to check it out.
  • If it is safe to do so, check your gutters for blockages which seem to be disrupting the flow of water. Gutters have the all-important job of directing heavy rains away from our homes so clean out any debris before the next storm. Call a professional if gutters are damaged.

Storm season in Queensland is an annual event. A metal roof is your best insurance against damage. If you would like to discuss the costs of a new roof, please give us a call. We’d love to help.