Paragon Roof & Guttering have been installing roofing and guttering on Brisbane homes for over 20 years. We are always here to help our clients make the best choice when installing a new roof. Here are four things you should consider –

How it looks

Your roof needs to reflect the design theme of the rest of your home and also the surroundings. A high pitched roof will suit a colonial home whereas as many modern homes will have a flatter roof. Colour choice will also need to be in line with your home’s colour scheme and the surrounding area, be it a bushy block or a beach house.


The colour and material of your roof will directly affect how much heat is absorbed into your home through the roof. Light colours work well in our hot climate. The addition of an insulation blanket will increase the thermal efficiency of your home or business and reduce the energy costs.

Local regulations

Your local council may have regulations related to roof installation and building in your area. If you live in a flood-prone area, a storm belt, or in area where bushfires are a threat the regulations will contain safety features for those conditions.


Cheapest is not always best. It is important to weigh up price against longevity when choosing the best roof for your home. Maintenance and durability are big considerations and should be factored in when considering the long-term affordability of a roof.

Your roof choice will be largely determined by the design of your home. COLORBOND® steel roofing is becoming the most popular roofing option for Australian conditions and works well for most home designs. COLORBOND® steel is hardwearing and low maintenance so it makes good financial sense too. With a wide range of colours there is sure to be something that will work beautifully for your home.