Brisbane has a wealth of beautiful old homes, many lovingly restored. One of the most common restorations needed is a new roof. While many of us think about new kitchens and modernised bathrooms, having a sturdy new roof is very important.

1. Increase the appeal

Having a stunning new roof fitted will do wonders for the curbside appeal of your home. Colorbond steel comes in a fabulous range of colours including contemporary and classic shades.  The colours have been inspired by the Australian landscape and feature bold or subtle, cool or warm, and light or dark tones.  You will definitely find something that delights you with the Colorbond colour palette. Nothing improves the visual appeal of your home’s exterior like a new roof.

2. Peace of Mind

When we put off replacing a worn out or damaged roof we risk our home’s structural integrity. South-east Queensland is famed for its annual storm season; be they early or late, the summer storms always arrive and with them hail and damaging winds. A new roof adds up to peace of mind.

3. Protection

A Colorbond roof is guaranteed to last. It offers long-term safety and security for your home.  With a Colorbond roof, you have a solid and very attractive, protective layer over your home that will last and last. Unfortunately, most other roof coverings just don’t go the distance.

4. Add value to your homeA new roof is an excellent investment. It will improve the value of your home and make it more appealing to the market. If it comes to a choice between buying your home over another one in the neighbourhood, a new roof will probably push your home over the line. Potential buyers like to know they are not up for any costly repairs in the future.

Paragon Roofing and Guttering are roofing and guttering experts. We can help you make the right roofing choice. And we guarantee our workmanship with a seven-year warranty. A new roof from Paragon will definitely give you peace of mind.