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Where it all began: The history of the COLORBOND® roof

The COLORBOND® steel roof has become an important element of roofing in Australia due to its resilience and suitability for our climate. But where did the COLORBOND® roof come from? In 1843 corrugated iron was developed. The English discovered that if a thin sheet of iron was corrugated it would become both strong and lightweight [...]

June 30th, 2017|Blog, Uncategorized|

Roof Design 101

The roof is a key feature of the exterior of most homes. From a distance, it is generally more prominent than windows and even entranceways so it’s important to get it right. Your roof serves the practical purpose of protecting you from the elements but it can also have a big impact on making your [...]

June 22nd, 2017|Blog|

Quality Wall Cladding

Wall cladding is a great way to give an existing home a facelift. It’s also an excellent option if you are extending your home or building a new construction. At Paragon Roof & Guttering Brisbane we favour COLORBOND® and ZINCALUME® steel wall cladding because it is extremely sturdy, highly durable, and it's really easy to [...]

June 15th, 2017|Blog, Uncategorized|

Inside tips on choosing a roof colour

Whether you are building a new home or having an old roof replaced, deciding on the colour for your new COLORBOND® roof is a big decision. Your roof is one of the largest elements of your home so it’s important to make the right choice. There are few things to consider, like the profile and [...]

June 6th, 2017|Blog|